Our Services

Banking & Financial IT Consultancy

  • Since many years now, we are providing IT consultancy in Banking & Financial institutions to help them in their integration projects.
As a Software integrator company, we already have realized several specific and generic interfaces, create straight through processing (STP) applications and offer our competency to create intelligent, monitored and secured interfaces between front, middle and back-office systems.
Our main application expertize has been created around a Temenos product called Triple'A. Being able to integrate this Portfolio Management System in your banking architecture require many years of experience to build the right, secured and well monitored interfaces.
In this arena we built a long expertise in different integration technologies such as IBM WebSphere Transformation eXtender (WTX), IBM Message BrokerMicrosoft BizTalk and several others.

Of course we built also a deep functional expertize in specialized protocols such as Swift and EDI messages interchanges.